CONCEALED BLADE 2015 Demo Review + Full Stream

Where do you even start with something like this demo from CONCEALED BLADE? The short bus vocals? The egregious amount of dive bombs and general whammy bar and explosions? While this may not be reinventing the wheel, this is exactly what hardcore needs right now.

Another Pittsburgh/Braddock hardcore punk joint, this is what I wish THE RIVAL MOB would have done instead of turning into a bloated bag of suck. I get stoked every time I hear the perfectly placed gang vocals and nearly fell down in excitement during the last breakdown of “Don’t Get Caught.” “All Against All” is a great departure from the tempo of the rest of the tape at the midway point and proves it’s worth once “Terminal Vice comes blasting in.


“Hell To Pay” makes me wish my body wasn’t falling apart so I could come out of mosh retirement and show the kids these days how to properly combine being violent and retarded in the middle of a group of people. A testament to short songs, not one track is even as long as a minute and a half, and it shouldn’t be. This is how hardcore should be, quick blasts of energetic songs that don’t take themselves too seriously. Remember fun? Probably not; if this goes over your head, then please feel free to bash it on the B9 or VLV boards with the rest of the punk’s most elite nerds and leave this music to some people who will actually appreciate it.




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