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Literature has always been a figurehead in music, most notable the Bible, inspiring hundreds of thousands of musicians all over the world to produce whatever they see fit. From Christian metalcore bands like Wolves At The Gate and Silent Planet to deathcore like Chelsea Grin and Searching Serenity to acoustic

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Where do you even start with something like this demo from CONCEALED BLADE? The short bus vocals? The egregious amount of dive bombs and general whammy bar and explosions? While this may not be reinventing the wheel, this is exactly what hardcore needs right now. Another Pittsburgh/Braddock hardcore punk joint,

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Earlier this month, all hell broke loose at The Doll Haus in Pittsburgh. Dronez, Fuk Boiz, Nightfall and EEL all brought their A-GAME and kicked ass. Our visual comrade EM was on hand to capture this wild nite and she took these rad photos to prove it…Respect the Black &

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Tanner Douglass is one of our favorite photographers, and we’ve posted his work many times on CVLT Nation. Now he’s started a new photographic project, exploring abandoned buildings around his native Pittsburgh.

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By John Villegas From an outsider’s perspective, this mid-sized city may not look like much. It’s a former steel town going through an identity crisis. It’s an old city, difficult to navigate, full of haphazardly-laid streets, many of them one-way, weaving through and over steep hills. Pittsburgh lacks the enduring

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