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Avant Garde

Wreck your mind to the sounds of DEAD NEANDERTHALS ‘Bit Marks’

Is your mind ready to be set free by the sounds of Dead Neanderthals‘ new song “Hollow Tip”? This really special band is back with a new 7 inch Rat Licker that clocks in at 9 minutes and has 12 tunes. Check out the impressive list of labels that unified to make this record come to life: Utech Records (US), God Unknown Records (UK) Sentencia Records (ES), Burning World Records (NL), EveryDayHate (PL), Moving Furniture Records (NL), Consouling Sounds (BE), Saw-Whet Distro (CA), and Dead Neanderthals (NL). We are so stoked to share with y’all 18 seconds of sonic bugged-out magic brought to you by Dead Neanderthals.

Dead Neanderthals
Written By

Sentient 51423

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