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Are we fans of SPACE BONG over here at CVLT Nation? The answer is HELL FUCKING YES!!! This band lays down the kind of crusty, blusey doom that we go bonkers for. What I love about this band is they do what they do from their own creative space and answer to no one. If you have not heard their last album Deadwood To Worms you better rectify that NOW. A while back, SPACE BONG recorded a live set at the Northcote Social Club featuring all of their tunes from The Death of Utopia LP. Liam of Capital Waste Pictures was on hand with his hyper crazy visuals to lend a hand, and the final outcome is this new DEAD IN PARADISE VHS that is being released by Videopunks and Capital Waste Pictures. CVLT Nation is so stoked that we are premiering this really fucking special video below. It should be known that SPACE BONG is a huge inspiration to what we do here! Spark up your bong loads and peep this killer visual NOW! Follow the SPACE BONG instagram!


[youtube id=”eMloD2HYdrM”]


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