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What does our impending doom Sound like? TEMPTER’s self-Titled Debut

The sonic apocalypse is upon us and it comes in the form of the new self-titled record from TEMPTER! On all levels, this crossover metal and hardcore offering pushes my wig back, and more than that, it’s highly fucking addictive! The way that these songs are mixed plus the way they sound is UNREAL and the vocals cut the wall of noise against unrelenting feedback. TEMPTER’ creates these moments of Dirge that also rock HARD AF. On the real, I get chills every time I play this record, and with each listen, I wish that it had more songs. As a debut, this band has knocked it out of the park further than I could ever imagine! Let me say this — if Killing joke, Zygote, Nausea, and Anti Cimex came together to create a band it might sound like TEMPTER. That being said this band is creating from such a place of passion that they sound like no other! When I hear anthems like “Night Terror” I know the war against our downpressors will be won by us! FUCK CORRUPT AUTHORITY. The always-on-point Quality Control HQ will be releasing this on vinyl in Dec. so stay tuned. Oh yeah, their song “Pestilence” reeks of despair but makes me feel good to be breathing and the drums have my brain cells marching through the fury of existence!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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