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We Are The Uglies Review + Full Stream

Lets face it – the working week is bullshit. You, me, and everyone we know are all just perpetuating the cycle of exploited labor for an unlivable wage (at least in the U.S., anyway) while our bosses and managers profit off our inevitable demise into lifeless surrogates that live to work and work to live until death. It’s a sad reality; however, kick ass music can always combat the sad realities of everyday life.

With that in mind my comrades, I offer you some of the grittiest punk from the land down under. Australian punkers, The Uglies, are here to make sure that you have best tunes available to go burn down that shitty office, factory, or retail outlet you work at!! The Uglies are the essence of punk – they’re loud, they’re fast, they’re raw, and most importantly, they’re fucking ugly!!! It is often said that in Australia, just about everything from giant spiders to kangaroos can kill you…we can now add The Uglies to the list.



In a punishing six track display, these Aussies invite the listener to drink, fuck, fight and piss off! It is always refreshing to see that in every corner of the world, more and more bands are engaging with DIY ethics and putting out their own tapes, CDs, and records. The Uglies will make any 80’s hardcore fan feel nostalgic almost instantly, and take them back to a time when punk/hardcore was still considered frightening to old people. So next time you’re contemplating going postal at work, always remember that The Uglies will be there for you to provide the best soundtrack possible for you to overthrow your employer. I suppose if all else fails, you could always move to Australia and join the Free Beer Party… anyway, lurk the tunes below.


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