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Tombstone Highway…
The Obsessed
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In 1982, punks hated long hairs – we thought they were all hippies and we wanted nothing to do with them. In D.C. there was one long-haired band that reigned supreme, and they went by the name of The Obsessed. They were fronted by a dude named Wino, who looked liked he didn’t take shit! I remember reading about this band in the early 80’s, and I wondered why punks were into them – then I heard their music. In 1994, there was a killer documentary made about The Obsessed featuring commentary from Henry Rollins, Fugazi, Tesco Vee, L7 and many more. What makes this such a killer documentary is the amount of love that all these people have for the this legendary band. Some of the members went on to form St. Vitus, who put out records on SST. I can’t even put into words how much respect Wino gets in this game, and this fact can be seen and felt in this film. So get down with The Obsessed and puff one!

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