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80s Hardcore

This is a Revolution Summer! Video Essay feat. Soul Side, Gray Matter, Scream, One Last Wish + Many More

Straight up, I’m a Venice local for life, and although the early ’80s SoCal hardcore movement nurtured me, part of me has a deep affinity for the 80’s hardcore scene in DC. Back in the day, we all loved any band from this city, from S.O.A., Double O, Scream, Minor Threat, Faith, Void – the list could go on. Even with age, my memories of Marginal Man at the Cathay De Grand are still fresh in my head. That’s why the Revolution Summer movement that started in DC during the summer of 1985 means so much to me. All of these bands put a mirror up to hardcore in the most punk way, and challenged us to see the toxic mainstream attitudes that had found their way into punk! Now it’s time to check out this killer Revolution Summer video essay featuring Soul Side, Gray Matter, Scream, One Last Wish, Moss Icon, Beefeater, Fire Party, and more. I know for the fact that these bands changed the direction of music!

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80s Hardcore

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80s Hardcore

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