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the weird world of conspiracy theories: pt 2 – UFOs & The Alien Agenda

Conspiracy theories not only ask us to question the world we live in but the worlds we do not. We prefer ones that don’t hit as close to home, like Aliens and UFOs — after all, how could aliens affect our day-to-day life? To question the government is treason, but UFOs are just fun and games. Unless it’s all connected.

First off, let us be clear that UFOs and Aliens are two very different things, though the public has become trained to think of them as one and the same. Perhaps this is to control the narrative and make the concept of aliens easy to laugh off.

The first depiction of UFOs goes back way past the 1940s pulp flying saucers to somewhere around 570 BC when the Book of Ezekiel was supposed to have been written while Ezekiel was imprisoned in Babylon. In verses 4 through 9, he describes wheels within wheels as some sort of chariot that angels traveled in. In 570 BC, the concept of aliens or anything flying that wasn’t a bird was off the table. However, the prophets were not opposed to states of altered consciousness; if this had been the book of Terrence Mckenna, machine elves would have ridden the Merkaba. Bringing us to another interesting point of note is how everyone who trips on DMT (myself included) sees the same kind of alien beings during the experience. What a wacky coincidence, I suppose.

Life outside of the earthbound plane of existence is hard to prove or dismiss; so it must be marginalized. Even the scientific community is split on the subject. The existence of Area 51 wasn’t confirmed by the CIA until 2013, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, after a request was filed in 2005.

It’s easier to argue against using our limited understanding of the mechanics of space travel than delving into string theory. Billionaires flush vast amounts of money in vanity space projects that might be better invested in funding Quantum Physics programs to search for anomalies in vibrational frequencies, as “aliens” could be from inner space and inter-dimensional beings.

David Icke perhaps provides the best metaphor. If you’re listening to one radio station and you get tired of commercials and you change the dial, that radio station does not go anywhere when you change the channel — it just exists on a different frequency. One that you are not in tune with at that present moment.

How does this affect us in our daily life? If there were powers that be who didn’t want you tuned to a certain frequency, they could employ tactics to keep your ability to tune into them dulled or distracted from the fact that they are there at all. We touched on this in the first installment, but it rings true here as well — the more distracted and dulled you are, the less you will ask questions.

Perhaps beings have been around us since the beginning of time. Perhaps even pulling the puppet strings of this experiment they call Earth. Seems like something you would welcome dialogue on? That might ask too many questions with answers that are uncomfortable, so instead make the face of the show Ancient Aliens someone like Giorgio Tsoukalos. A perma-stoned mess with wild hair who invokes a meme definition of crazy. Having this as their poster boy, any possibly valid observations become negated, since these are the silly ramblings of stoned weirdos. Or such is the narrative they would like to spin.

In the bigger picture, the History Channel is owned by A&E, but if we trace the money further down the rabbit hole, A&E is owned by a joint venture of Disney and Hearst Media. Hearst Media takes us further down to Hearst Shkulev Media, a Russian media corporation that is their partner. Meaning we started with a show about aliens and now you can find a direct link between Disney and Russia.

What does Russia have to do with UFOs? Well, one interesting correlation comes in what could be yet another distraction technique. In the Congressionally-mandated report from the Director of National Intelligence titled “Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Phenomena,” they said there is something, but they do not know what it is. The report looks at 144 cases since 2004 witnessed by military pilots. One possibility suggested is that it could be a breakthrough disruptive technology from Russia or China. Wasting or diverting tax dollars on a goose chase they have had for 74 years since the Roswell Crash, to come up with something more definitive.

If the government knew something they have no reason not to tell us, right? This already got a beta-test on October 30th of 1938 when the radio broadcast of Orson Welles reading an adaptation of HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds” sent listeners into a widespread panic. Thus proving the general populous can’t handle having their grasp on reality loosened. Imagine the response of the religious community if a press conference was held to announce:

“There has never been a benevolent Santa Claus god. We have spoken with the creators, our inter-dimensional overlords, who informed us that the experiment we refer to as “mankind” has been a failure and they are going to harvest our life forces to power things we can’t begin to understand or explain.”

Not just the bible beaters, but every ego-driven person who posts what they like to eat on Instagram, since they are actually the center of the universe, would lose their ever-loving shit. Most people can’t handle knowing that everything does not revolve around their perception of reality. To be confronted with the fact they are nothing more than a speck in a cosmic petri dish would be violently opposed. After all, their whole sense of self is being threatened with extinction.

It would certainly explain why aliens make no attempt to contact us if we are just a commodity being used as a means to an end, anything else would be like a gardener talking to a bag of fertilizer.

Of all the creations the interdimensional overlords have created, we would be the least interesting. Not even a close second place to Bigfoot, most often thought of as perhaps a missing link type creature displaced in the vast wilderness of the world. Enveloped by the larger world around them, the Sasquatch or Bigfoot is either the rarest of endangered species or just another myth for wild minds to obsess over.

But perhaps this is only one possibility, perhaps It is an interdimensional being who is not often seen because it spends more time walking in other planes. The deeper level of UFO cultures, open to the interdimensional aspect, has begun to draw more parallels between the two. It could be being bio-engineered to handle harsher physical conditions. Perhaps Bigfoot is one of the beta test versions of mankind that the creators found better uses for.

There are only theories to work with, and an endless array of them. But when brainstorming for solutions to the bigger picture, should not every possibility be explored? The realm of spirit is a vast uncharted frontier that science has been scared to fully delve into, despite centuries of humans’ best efforts to spin stories around it in order for their existence to have meaning. What if that narrative got into the hands of those who thought they knew what was best for the masses, so the truth was left to hide in the dark corners of the world?

This right where we are going to pick up in the third part of this series as we voyage into the hidden occult conspiracies.

Until then, question everything.

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Wil spouts his thoughts and theories on metal / goth/ post-punk/ and darker indie rock on blogs like Abysmal Hymns,No Clean Singing, Geekinthings, Treblezine etc... He is very passionate about horror movies, comic books, the occult and Morrissey , though David Bowie will live on in his heart forever

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