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The Rage is Real! Blast AVSKUM’s “EN ANNAN V​Ä​RLD ÄR M​Ö​JLIG”

The world is Fucked! 40 years ago, we were fighting against Apartheid and the threat of Nuclear War. Now 40 years later, Black people are being gunned down just because they were born into Black bodies. I first heard AVSKUM 40 years ago, and 40 years later, their messages still ring true! Their new album EN ANNAN V​Ä​RLD ÄR M​Ö​JLIG which is out now via Prank Records is full of D-Beat-charged anthems that are razor-sharp sonic blades pointed at the throats of our downpressors. Music like this will never die because the corruption of the world will never stop — a very sad but real fact! Tunes like “RASSTATENS ALTARE” are the reason I have always been a fan of D-BEAT for decades. AVSKUM creates riff-laden songs that are war songs for us all to stand up and FIGHT to! For the past 40 years, not much has changed, but I’m glad this band still is waving their protest flag high AF!

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