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Tapes RULE! 2 New Breathe Plastic Releases: CONVULSING & OBED MARSH

All hail the cassette – ever since I was a youth I have been a fan. Fast forward to 2107, and still some of my favorite releases have only seen the light of day on tape. I have certain labels that I know I can count to always release the kind of bands that stun me with their originality. Case in point is Breathe Plastic – time and again this tape label has put out amazing releases that come with packaging that shows how committed to the underground they are. This time around, they have just released CONVULSING & OBED MARSH. I’m not going to do the work for you – just press play below so that you can hear for yourself how fucking sick both of these tapes are…these bands are on constant rotation in our HQ because they are that fucking amazing! We salute both CONVULSING & OBED MARSH for creating such high quality music for the underground to enjoy – you can pick up these tapes HERE from Breathe Plastic!


Obed Marsh – Innsmouth



Convulsing – Errata



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