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When it comes to popular cults originating on U.S. soil, there are certain paths their enigmatic leaders have typically gravitated towards. These leaders have sexually terrorized congregations, mollified fear through mass suicide, summoned the fell swoop of government henchmen, or became wealthy enough to join Sea Org. However, some lesser

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One of the keys of my conversation with Johnny P. from SECT MARK lies in his slight Roman inflection, which unfortunately I cannot render by typing on my computer – and even less by typing in English. Yet the very essential thing you need to better enjoy this chat is

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Worship, or Daniel P., has long been seen as one of the Kings of Funeral Doom Metal. At this point in time, Worship is the musical outlet for one tortured soul. Worship is one of the heaviest bands on the planet. Worship, Corrupted and Asunder are the unholy trinity of

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