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Text and Photos: Charles Nickles Amenra I should be better about honoring my grief but I’m not and so in the panicked throes of knowing that the weight of loss might someday consume me, I turn to bands like Amenra whose long and storied temple of worship is built to

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The first three tracks of Tau Cross’s new 2 x LP Pillar of Fire are straight up post-crust type ragers in the vein of Zygote, heavy with crunchy guitars and helmed by singer Rob “The Baron” Miller’s raspy, Lemmy-esque vocals. The first track on Pillar of Fire, “Raising Golem,” has

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Suicidal Tendencies Growing up in Venice in the 80’s and embracing hardcore meant you most likely were down with Suicidal Tendencies. The extended family of this band was called The Suicidal Boyz – some people called us a gang, but I saw it more as a family. Ground zero for all of

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Temples Fest just closed it’s doors for 2015 and we’re already looking forward to 2016! Our Day Three coverage via Gemma Shaw features unreal photos of MONARCH!, YEAR OF NO LIGHT, GHOLD, TRIBULATION, PALLBEARER, GOATWHORE, VOIVOD and EARTH…Enjoy these awesome photos below!   MONARCH! YEAR OF NO LIGHT GHOLD TRIBULATION PALLBEARER GOATWHORE VOIVOD EARTH

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NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD, EXHUMED, IRON REAGAN, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, THEORIES live at Studio Seven 02.18.2015 Photos and text: Robert Hanna UK grindcore legends Napalm Death have spent a lot of time in the spotlight recently, launching a massive tour on the heels of their 2015 release Apex Predator – Easy

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Photos and text: Tiina Liimu NAPALM DEATH – VOIVOD – EXUMED – IRON REAGAN – BLACK CROWN INITIATE – DAYGLO ABORTIONS, Rickshaw Theatre, February 17 2015 Amid a sonic output that challenges both Euclidean and temporal constraints, the “Through Space and Grind” tour moniker was no mistake; instead, call it

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