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Steve Zing was born Steven Paul Grecco in New Jersey in June of 1964. A childhood friend of members of the Misfits – he later became the drummer of the legendary and highly influential Samhain. After leaving the band in July 1985, he went on to play in several key

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  Emerging from the darkness in early 2016 and spat out of their native Houston, Lace are a blend of vitriolic hardcore and bitter, abrasive post-punk designed to tear down the world around them. Bursting onto the scene playing a brand of aggressive, lo-fi hardcore, Lace began to earn fans

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When vinyl was the audio mode of the day, turntables were in every home. I’m sure most of our grandparents had one of those massive cabinets in their living room, turntable, storage and speakers all in one carved, mahogany box. But what about when kids got into the rock n’ roll music,

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Okay CVLT Nation fans, friends and family, time to take a seat for what is surely going to be a highlight in your music/audio consumption of early 2016. Relentless, primal, furious, and yes, bestial (as stated in our premiere of the first track “No Beyond” a few weeks back) are

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Text: Nate Hopper via Esquire In photographer and part-time DJ Eilon Paz‘s new book, Dust & Grooves, there are shelves and shelves packed with vinyl. On some, collections built through crate-digging excursions around the globe are meticulously organized by name, or by color. With others, the wood is warped and

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