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For many Americans, the way that religion looms large over every public conversation and in every political discourse may seem normal, and almost invisible. But as someone who grew up elsewhere, I was shocked by its obvious influence when I lived in an arguably liberal bastion of a city, Los

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It can be shamefully easy up here in Canada to sit back and watch the antics to the South, feeling safe an secure in our multicultural snuggie. The reality is that if you flipped over a few rocks up here, you’d find the same squirming underbelly of hate-fuelled maggots. Sure,

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China has been in the news in the past few months for the illegal electro shock therapy being conducted in hospitals around the country aimed at “curing” homosexuality. Here in the west, we were horrified to read that parents were sending their children to hospitals to be treated for the “disease”

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One of the first things I noticed upon moving to Los Angeles was that in certain neighbourhoods of the city, bail bonds shops were everywhere. I would also see billboards, car wraps and newspaper ads for bail bonds, many of them weird and goofy, a major contradiction to the very

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I lived in London for a couple of years, and one of the first things that I realized was that the city had a dark side…I just watched this new Vice documentary called The Disturbing Truth Behind the “Spitman” Urban Legend and it is fucked up on so many levels…

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Since we began this blog, there’s been speculation that we had big corporate backing for CVLT Nation, which is blatantly untrue, until now that is. After 4 years of struggling to keep this blog going, our long days and meager meals have paid off, literally! After last week’s interview we

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