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These days there are books and documentaries about pretty much everything from Zimbabwean power-pop to choral-crust, so it’s no wonder that there’s one about the history of Straight-Edge. Maybe it was about time and after putting out books about G.B.H., Heavy Metal movies, Black Metal or N.Y.H.C., Bazillion Points nailed

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Let me jump right in to it: when you say “black metal” to a random person above 40 or 50, he will probably think of burning churches, corpse paint and guys throwing pig’s blood at each other. One or two decades ago, they might have been around 20% right about

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Recording, mixing and releasing an album online within a couple of days is one very impressive feat and one accomplished by Momentum with apparent ease, and managed a guest appearance from Protestant’s Cory von Bohlen to boot. The London hardcore band, who feature four members of Light Bearer and ex-members

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