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TWELVE – ULTHA Converging Sins Relatively new to the black metal scene, Ultha do not rest. Starting off with their demo in 2015, they soon unleashed their debut full-length in Pain Cleanses Every Doubt the same year, and followed that with their participation in a split Bathory cover, alongside Morast,

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There is a certain stagnancy that has attached itself to modern black metal. I’m not sure if it is due to the pure magnitude of bands that have crawled out of the woodwork within the last decade, or if it’s because it has somehow managed to seep into some sectors

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Suzanne Slaughter is a name synonymous with underground metal in Australia. As one half of the creative duo behind Seance Records, she has worked tirelessly the past four years to release a diverse range of music that showcases the best blackened and dark acts the nation has to offer. But

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