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Deep, Deep, Deep in the Death Doom underground, two new bands are lurking, about to spread their stench-laden sounds! The names of these filthy humans are SKULLS and DRENCHED, and it gets sicker, because they have teamed up for a putrified split entitled Monuments of Ancient Death. Each band tackles a Cianide cover while

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From the very first time that I heard the One Man Death Doom Killing Machine called GATEWAY  I have been a FIEND!!! Last year, he released his self-titled debut that was released via CD by Hellthrasher Productions, and it received the kind of praise from the underground that it deserved! One day, I

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Recently, our meager collection of skulls increased four-fold when my uncle brought us a huge bag of bones back from Cranbrook, BC, that he and my cousin collected from the side of the highway. I spent the last month or so soaking, scrubbing, rinsing and drying the skulls, and now

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Jason Borders creates intricate, tattoo-like artwork on animal skulls, making mind-blowingly gorgeous pieces with a macabre edge. He carves and drills the bone, turning its surface into a textured masterpiece, and then paints them for even more texture and depth. My particular favorites are the treatments he’s given the cat

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It’s been a while since I posted about some sick as fuck, dark and evil, metal-tinged illustration, so today I have some for you via Mike Lawrence Illustration. His work has everything in it that I want emblazoned on my chest and my walls – skulls and incantations, impeccable details

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