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Despite decades of listening to heavy music, there’s still something about a slow riff delivered by perfectly-saturated amp that still gets me excited. On Entropic Disillusion, Portland’s Shrine of the Serpent delivers thundering slabs of sludgy doom riffs that are served up with what has to be one of the

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No matter how I am feeling from day to day, heavy music is one of the cornerstones of my emotional state! I love when monolithic, miserable sounds have the power to uplift me. Case in point is the soon to be released LP from SHRINE OF THE SERPENT entitled Entropic Disillusion that

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SIX – SHRINE OF THE SERPENT EP If you’ve been horny for some new doom/sludge to get off to, then this is the band for you. Shrine of the Serpent embraces a heavy tone, and it is almost impossible to not bang your head for the duration of every song. Each song on

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After a long a day at work or school, sometimes the only thing you wanna do (just short of punching your boss’ stupid fucking face) is go home, masturbate, poison your body, and blast some tunes.  Most of the time, you know exactly what band you’re gonna jam to calm

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