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There’s a certain artistic liberation that has spread since the early days of the internet. A global database where any prospective artist can build a cult following and influence other creators? Well it’s bound to nurture its very own cultural personality; a personality that is, perhaps, vastly more abstract, obtuse,

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Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, directed by Aleister Crowley enthusiast and filmmaker Kenneth Anger, is an occultist’s dream fevered-up and grafted onto celluloid, with symbols and sigils of alchemy, Baphomet and Hell strewn across a 38-minute short film. Viewers who either do their homework and trace back the roots of

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There are many geniuses when it comes to horror – but I wish more of these were female figures. Women understand what it’s like to fear and to be scared. We’re the ones who are force-fed propaganda to believe that only women shouldn’t walk alone at night. We’re the ones who watch news

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Most people reading this can sympathize in one way or another – that one feature that irks you, that you wish was fixed but hopefully won’t drive you to plastic surgery. Like my lopsided eyes. Well, there are people out there whose feature is so strange and grotesque that it

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Today we’re stoked to bring you the premiere of the finale of Disappearance In A Minor Role, the film series from Australia’s DUMBSAINT, Part I: Gabrielle. DUMBSAINT directed the three films Part III: Celeste, Part II: Sara and Part I: Gabrielle, eerie and haunting tales of three women who become

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