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I was listening to Ouija without having read which musicians were involved in the band, and almost immediately I thought: “I definitely know this drumming from somewhere.” So I was not surprised to find out that Dead Witches included in its line-up Mark Greening, previously of Electric Wizard and member

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Hey Adam, what’s going on in the 11Paranoias universe right now? Yo Sean! Great to hear from you Brother! Hope you cats are good – I can see you are mad busy as ever!! 🙂 Yeah, swamped here man! Just about to do a few headlining UK shows and about

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Having unleashed unspeakable doom upon the world once already this year with their multidimensional Spectralbeastiaries EP, 11Paranoias have wasted no time in returning to their unearthly abode to record their debut full-length. Rather than choosing to escape their proverbial pitch black basement along with its insidious evocations, the entrancing trio instead

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There’s something in the recording studio with 11Paranoias, and it ain’t no man. To fully experience such an aural atrocity is to journey with this empirical trio down into their jam room amidst some hellish cosmic vortex, where total immersion into the unfathomable darkness is mandatory. Crawling out of the

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