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Where do you hide when an unfathomable force of nature threatens to destroy the world? What if that force of nature comes in the form of intense, Punk-ridden Powerviolence? You can’t just plug your ears and hope it goes away, and chances are if your reading Cvlt Nation, you’ll probably

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When I was a boy, I think it’s safe to say that I was very much like other boys when it came to the idea of monsters. Dracula, Godzilla, the Hulk, Goosebumps… These were the coolest things my impressionable eyes had ever seen at the time. I believe this enthusiasm

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via Lazerhorse Yōkai are a group of supernatural Japanese monsters, kind of similar to our notion of ghosts. The kanji (or symbol) that describes the Yōkai is made up of two other symbols meaning “bewitching; attractive; calamity” and “apparition; mystery; suspicious”. Sounds good already doesn’t it? The Yōkai have a

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One of the things that is a window into the past is imagination, and medieval imaginations were vivid. Despite living in an age of Church oppression, people found ways of bringing their fears and superstitions to life. Medieval cartographers treated their craft like an art, and added fanciful decoration to

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Ulisse Aldrovandi (Bologna, 1522-1605) was an Italian scholar of natural history, and considered a pioneer of the study of modern natural history. Aldrovandi is also credited with inspiring the naturalist movement in Northern Italy and Flanders through his connection to the Court of Medici.1 But at the same time as

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