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1817, the American South. Forty miles north of Nashville, Tennessee lay a small farming community on the banks of the Red River. A family is besieged by an invisible force with the power to speak, move objects, and even harm the living. A mere amusement to many, a supernatural curiosity

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Every state has its own eccentricities, unique urban legends that color one’s perceptions of the landscape at night and feed the imaginations of children and teens. West Virginia has the Mothman, New Mexico has Roswell, and New Jersey has its very own Devil. Connecticut, a small and unobtrusive state of

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Every town has its ghost stories and haunted spots. Picton is a little different… this town has more apparent haunted areas than anywhere else I’d ever been. I usually seek these places out, but in Picton they are unavoidable. Picton is the most haunted town in Australia. This isn’t a

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