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Every state has its own eccentricities, unique urban legends that color one’s perceptions of the landscape at night and feed the imaginations of children and teens. West Virginia has the Mothman, New Mexico has Roswell, and New Jersey has its very own Devil. Connecticut, a small and unobtrusive state of

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From the information circulating the internet about Centralia, PA, you’d think it was America’s creepiest ghost town. An article posted on just eight months ago declares it as such right in the title. The blog ‘Damn Interesting’ details the city’s “smoldering smoldering ruins” and “ominous warning signs,” while ‘Uncovering

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The other day, Sean and I watched a documentary about “extreme haunts” – haunted attractions that have stepped up their game when it comes to scaring their guests shitless. I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to haunted houses; I’m happy with creepy music, dark hallways and cheesy monsters jumping out

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Label: Mass Media  One thing noticeable in 2014 was the current crop of “post-punk” revivalist bands trying to bring back goth that missed the boat. Sure, a lot of it was enjoyable, some of it even memorable, but it lacked something very tangible that made 80’s post-punk/death-rock/goth bands what they

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