The Most Fucked Up Haunted House Videos

The other day, Sean and I watched a documentary about “extreme haunts” – haunted attractions that have stepped up their game when it comes to scaring their guests shitless. I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to haunted houses; I’m happy with creepy music, dark hallways and cheesy monsters jumping out at me. I’m more of into confronting the terrifying realities of the world. But I guess there are a lot of people who want to enter a world of fear, to insert themselves into situations of simulated kidnap, torment and torture. So there are people like the McKamey’s, a husband and wife team who run McKamey Manor, a 10+ hour “Survival Horror Challenge” that started in San Diego but now has locations in Huntsville, AL and Nashville, TN. This is a borderline psychotic experience that they recommend is done solo, but they will accept two people at a time – and although the experience can last for more than 10 hours, apparently no one has made it past 6. There is an application process, and a list of requirements that include a background check, doctor’s letter, proof of insurance and drug test. The participant is subjected to absolutely sickening things, probably the worst (personally) being large, live cockroaches put in your mouth – but the profuse vomiting is pretty bad too. Not really sure who wants to do this to themselves or why, but it’s been running for years and attracts people from all over the world. I’d also like to point out that from watching these videos, it seems to be disproportionately women who take the challenge. The only cost for participants (besides getting there) is 4 cans of dog food; the haunt itself is fully funded by the McKamey’s as a labor of love. Russ McKamey films each of his guests and uploads the videos to Youtube. The videos are truly weird and gross, but they may convince some of you that you need to do this. Enjoy some of them below:










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