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Grave Upheaval’s latest full-length release doesn’t have a title, and the songs don’t have any either, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying their putrid, oozing, rotten style of ritual death metal. The record is cleaner production-wise this time around, as their last full-length album via the same label, Nuclear

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In case you’ve been living outside of the solar system for some fucking reason and hadn’t already figured this one out on your own, Invictus Productions is one of the most groundbreaking labels around these days, always on the frontline when it comes to digging up insane shit lost in the underground

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Jnthn of LHP Illustration has a series of sick metal pins available, official merch collaborations with bands Teitanblood, Mournful Congregation, Howls of Ebb, Impetuous Ritual, Irkallian Oracle, Qrixkuor, Grave Upheaval and so many more! These pins are very limited and can only be ordered via email to You can see his

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