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Invictus Productions Double-Slaughter: New Consumation and Spectral Apparition Releases Will Destroy You

In case you’ve been living outside of the solar system for some fucking reason and hadn’t already figured this one out on your own, Invictus Productions is one of the most groundbreaking labels around these days, always on the frontline when it comes to digging up insane shit lost in the underground and of unearthing your worst nightmares to pack them up and ship them around the world for thousands of blood freaks to enjoy. They are up there with Nuclear War Now, Fallen Empire, Iron Bonhead, Blood Harvest etc when it comes to good taste and fine business, and show no sign of slowing down. If releases by insane bands like Vomitor, Zom, Portal, Negative Plane, Witchvomit, and Diocletian weren’t already enough, this time IP has brought us a double whammy of sublime sonic  horror that is almost impossible to believe is real – incarnated as two unbelievable debuts by two truly mind boggling bands: Manifestation by Spectral Apparition, and Ritual Severance by Consummation.



This is truly some next level shit right here, I have no idea where this band came from, nor what drugs they are on to have envisioned such a wretched craft. Spectral Apparition’s debut EP  Manifestation is indeed a manifestation, but of total fucking blackened death supremacy and of complete domination – a work that makes them appear like blood thirsty beasts among a sea of weaklings getting ready to be devoured. Taking cues from bands like Behexen, Anthaeus, and, Diocletian, Spectral Apparition have envisioned a hell-spawned war machine from another world that existing within the realm of men and mortals appears to be something absolutely divine and godlike in its size and sheer power. This is truly immortal black metal that can not be defeated. This is stuff for those who have risen to immortality through the taking of a million innocent souls throughout eons of battle and of the endurance of endless wars. Get your filthy hands on this savage beast from the IP store.



CONSUMMATION – Ritual Severance

Consummation hail from Australia and feature (I think) members of Portal, Grave Upheaval, and Impetuous Ritual. The guys from these three bands are all known freaks and geniuses and so it was kind of starting to sound a bit strange that they hadn’t yet taken a shot at the most wretched craft of all – black metal. Well, inevitably that time came and oh boy, the results are just otherworldly. Consummation’s music isn’t just music, it’s something more than that. It’s like something that devours you alive. It’s something that consumes you and ravages your mind through the sole medium of sound. This shit will just fucking disintegrate your soul and pillage your flesh. If you liked shit like Skaphé, Deathspell Omega, Void Meditation Cult, Aevangelist, Demoncy, and the rest of all that highly mental and fucked in the head black metal that makes of extremely surreal and unsettling atmospheres and otherworldly technicality somewhat of a tool of the trade, then this shit will blow your mind to pieces. Ritual Severance is their debut EP and drops on IP on March 13th, 2017, you can stream a track from the release below and make sure you grab it when it’s out before it’s all gone.



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