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It doesn’t matter that you’re an agnostic or a believer of the band because Agnostic Front aren’t the type of guys that care about that. Particularly Roger Miret, who makes no apologies for who he was, even if he no longer abides by the same code as he did while

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Written By J. Bennett Photography by Edward Colver With Reagan in the White House and the economy in the toilet, early ’80s America was a warzone. Our culture reflected it: Tipper Gore and the PMRC held Congressional hearings in an attempt to get Twisted Sister, Judas Priest and W.A.S.P. to answer

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Today I came across this 1985 article from the L.A. Times I wanted to share with you. The feature is about FFF (which started out as whack 80’s hardcore band), a pretty much all-white punk gang from the valley. It’s an interesting read about something I lived through as a

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Growing up in L.A., it’s hard to escape gang culture because it’s all around you, from the city walls to the school halls. When I would go to my stepsisters house, who has been an active Rollin 20’s Blood for over 30 years, I would always find myself looking through all

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