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Demonic possession has plagued human kind since we began recording our histories. The Abrahamic religions in particular thrived off of the fear of demonic possession in their flocks; but no organization took it further than the Christian Industrial Complex. To this day, most major sects of Christianity have official policies on

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…I adjure you, dead spirit, by the powerful and inexorable god and by his holy names, to stand beside me in the coming night in whatever form you used to have, and inform me whether you have the power to perform the NN deed; immediately, immediately; quickly quickly! Then go

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These illuminated medieval manuscripts give us a look into the minds of the monks who created them, and how they viewed sex, demons and hell fire…Get your trip on and peep some medieval porn and demon weirdness!    via Flashbak

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In the spirit of my favorite holiday, I thought I’d troll through our film archives to find a selection of movies that might spice up your evening. Some of these are ridiculous, others are disturbing, but they are all unique from the normal Halloween horror films. Whether it’s background images

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