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I have been a huge DeafKids fan from the first time I heard their record 6 Heretic Anthems For The Deaf when it came out in 2012. I had never heard D-Beat played in such a way, and I knew that this band was special. This Brazilian unit started out as a

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TEN – ZEAL and ARDOR Devil Is Fine This collection of genre-bending songs entitled Devil Is Fine was created by Zeal and Ardor hailing from NYC. To put this project into a box would be doing the creators of this music – and you – a great disservice. What I LOVE

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Since we started CVLT Nation five years ago, we have been HUGE supporters of a Brazilian musician named Douglas Leal who creates music under the name of DEAF KIDS. When I first heard his music, he was creating mind numbing D-Beat that sounded like nothing I had heard before. Over

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Hello fellow adventures of the internet, hopefully if you just clicked on this article because you’re ready and willing to let the most rockin sounds of Brazil punch a hole through your worthless fucking face! Lately I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the art of many bands from outside of

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If someone turns around and says Brazil and d-beat, the first thing that may enter your mind is Besthöven, to no surprise either. The one man band’s crusty onslaught is certainly one of Brazil’s finest punk exports, but in the last few years Deaf Kids have really been causing a

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