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This Band Sounds Like No Other!
Premiere Streaming: DEAF KIDS ‘Configuração do Lamento’

Since we started CVLT Nation five years ago, we have been HUGE supporters of a Brazilian musician named Douglas Leal who creates music under the name of DEAF KIDS. When I first heard his music, he was creating mind numbing D-Beat that sounded like nothing I had heard before. Over the years, DEAF KIDS has changed it’s sound as he has grown as a person and musician. Yesterday, Douglas sent me his new LP entitled Configuração do Lamento – and to say that it’s a game changer is a mammoth understatement. This record sounds like nothing I have ever heard before, because of all of the changes and sonic textures that I have encountered while listening to it! DEAF KIDS are able to blend noise, d-beat, tribal drumming and psychadelic energy into an audio force that will leave you wanting more! I’m so fucking amazed by Configuração do Lamento that I think it’s best that you hear it for yourself, because nothing I can write about it will do it justice! DEAF KIDS will be touring Europe this summer – you can peep all of the info below. Here are the three labels that will be releasing this brand new underground classic: RAW Records and Burning London Records from Brazil and SELF TITLED TAPES from Germany.




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