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DEATH DOOM combines two of our favorite genres so it makes sense that we dig it so much! Come along with us and celebrate our favorite DEATH DOOM records of 2019…   FIFTEEN – Nephilim’s Noose, Rites of a Death Merchant Nephilim’s Noose have conjured up one of the most

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I am always craving to discover something dark that affects me emotionally. I am always looking for a sound that has a vibe that makes me eerily intrigued with discomfort, because that is where I find comfort. I can spend hours, days in and days out, looking and looking and

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Not everyone wants to be interred in a gilt mahogany box, left to seep into the satin lining and serve no useful purpose for the world’s biosystems. There are many of us who want our bodies to be of some use, whether as donations for medical education or as feed

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Unholy awesome, it’s about to really fucking go down in Portland at this year’s Famine Fest. All of  the raging fun starts on Feb. 19th and goes until the 20th. The line up is totally off the chain: here is just a taste of the bands that will be hitting the

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In the 19th century, death was a big event. From post-mortem photography to memento mori jewelry to the year spent mourning the dead, they took that shit seriously. Coffins were a big deal too, so many companies sprung up to cater to the corpses in all manner of fancy ways.

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Text via Lazer Horse Ghana was the first state to free itself from the grips of European colonisation and became a symbol of liberation for the Black Power movement. It’s had a tumultuous past and its present sees the same tumult. It has a population of over 24 million people

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