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Those seeking to embrace the holistic path to enlightenment and to help cope with all that life has to throw at them, have a variety of trusted, and some less trusted, tools and techniques at their disposal. Many will swear that the ancient art of acupuncture can resolve all ills.

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For a while Bong were releasing an album a year, but there was a big gap in between We Are and Thought and Existence. This change in pace, was it intentional and did it allow you to bring in any changes when writing the new album? Lots of reflection really – we

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As a twenty-something who worked in a marijuana-friendly cafe, I used to have some pretty sweet glass. Alas, when I moved across the border, my collection couldn’t come with me, and was dispersed amongst careless siblings. Now I have young kids, so collecting glass has become less than practical, plus

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These British doom overlords have been unstoppable throughout their career. Their constant activity is shown by the insane amount of releases they have under their belt, ranging from splits and EPs to live recordings and albums. The latest record of Bong, We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been, is

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Photos by Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography Text by Luke Bolton The 3rd annual Desertfest, based in Camden amongst a myriad of venues. The London smog is replaced with a green haze as fans of doom, sludge, stoner and its many subgenres congregate and worship the uniting power of the

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I remember a camping trip where we smoked out of a friend’s home made gas mask bong all weekend, and I though that was rad – but I hadn’t even conceived of something like this: Etai Rahmil, an Oakland-based glass blower, has created a bong worthy of Satan himself in

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