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DEAD REGISTER weaves an interesting blend of varied shadowy elements into their sonic web. The baritone croon of their lead singer soars with the rest of the shoegazing shimmer. They are heavy but not metal, with the more metallic elements serving as a booming undertone, and head banging is not

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The last of Chelsea Wolfe’s Southeastern tour dates was a sold-out show in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. Half an hour before the doors opened, the line was already wrapped around the building and far into the parking lot… In the green room, the two bands were preparing for the night.

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For the past few years, I have been captivated by the occult rock-inspired end of the modern metal world. The Devil’s Blood kicked it off with their Satanic psychedelia and the beautiful banshee wailing of lead vocalist Farida Lemouchi. Next up was In Solitude’s final album and masterpiece, Sister, a

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On January 11th, artist Emily Harris is presenting a multifaceted thesis exhibition titled “Dispossessed,” exploring the heavy metal subculture in Atlanta. This will coincide with premiere of her full length documentary Atlanta Metal. She aims to dig deeper into the culture, rather than just aim a spotlight on Atlanta’s metal

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The art forms of metal and horror have been a marriage made in hell ever since Black Sabbath named themselves after the Bela Lugosi film. Both art forms trigger psychological reactions similar an addict’s relationship with their drug of choice. A tolerance is developed and the user must seek out

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