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DSODM Certified Hardcore! Experience KNIFE WOUND ‘Serrated Steel Demonstration 23’ + Fullset

I write this from a place of History. I write this from a place of Black Joy. I write this from a place of Sucka-Free Hardcore. I write this from a place of Resistance. I write this from a place of direct action through creative energy. I write this from a place of honor and respect for the new demo SERRATED STEEL DEMONSTRATION 23 (1648 Records) from ATL’s Knife Wound. Unholy hell fucking yes, every song on this tape is a fucking banger! They had my attention from the Malcolm X intro until the last song “Still.” Lyrically, this band tackles issues of racism that have existed in the South since the first Black Body was sold at the slave market. I love the way that the band uses powerful sonic energy to get their points across. Don’t get it twisted — this is not a pity party, SERRATED STEEL DEMONSTRATION 23 is a celebration of Blackness through the lens of Hardcore. Damn, songs like “JESTER” are HEAVY AF and have gnarly riffs that act as a call to action! Knife Wound will cut your head off with their insane breakdowns. My only issue with this demo is that it’s too short — I want to hear more!!! This band will be performing at this year’s Tribes of Da Moon Fest in NYC on Aug 19th – 20th.


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