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Crush, Kill, Destroy All! Blast HEATHEN PRAYER ‘The Devil and the Day Laborer’ EP

If you are feeling down today the crushing feral energy of the new HEATHEN PRAYER’ new EP The Devil and the Day Laborer will get you up for sure! Their brand of off-the-chain metallic hardcore sounds like a never-ending storm of fury! What I love about this band is how they are able to wrap their sonic aggression in this blanket of melodic filth. There is not one weak moment on The Devil and the Day Laborer and if you are a fan of unhinged hardcore this record is for you! Dropping Bombs will be handling the vinyl and Bitter Melody Records will be handling the tapes. We are stoked to share HEATHEN PRAYER’s full EP below, and y’all know the drill, press play. LET’S GET IT!

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Sentient 51423

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