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Photos by Nathaniel Shannon A few of your pieces seem to focus on the urban environment and condition. Good Day to Die, Terminal Waves Brown Sky in particular grabbed my eye when looking over your stuff.  Being based in New York City, has this sprawl of concrete and asphalt shaped your mindset to

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Chapman Bros. Hell
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There wasn’t a whole lot of good art coming out of the UK in the nineties. The landscape was dominated by the YBAs – the Young British Artists, mostly graduates of the posh Goldsmiths college, all of them very comfortable with self-promotion and massive quantities of cocaine. Some of the art they

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Hey Jeff! First off, let me extend my thanks for taking the time do this via email while you guys are on tour. For those that are unfamiliar, you’re currently involved in playing guitar with The Great Old Ones. Outside of this, you also handle the band’s album artwork, correct?

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“The less you know, the safer you’ll be.” A common phrase for an uncommon artist, but it could suit Andy Kehoe just fine, considering that his various stories in the biography part of his websites all tell ridiculous but quite inventive origins.

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On January 11th, artist Emily Harris is presenting a multifaceted thesis exhibition titled “Dispossessed,” exploring the heavy metal subculture in Atlanta. This will coincide with premiere of her full length documentary Atlanta Metal. She aims to dig deeper into the culture, rather than just aim a spotlight on Atlanta’s metal

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Self-described as “hand made retardist collages for the viscerally endowed” and made by “exacto knifes, not Photoshop”, the works of Math.I embody sarcastic remarks on society, ethics and everything that makes the filth look clean; not exactly like Banksy does it, for to compare Math.I with Banksy is to compare

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