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The Earth cries out. The Geotrauma is echoed in human suffering and violence. Our every utterance and effort at progress goes stifled and unheard. Sometimes, mere Heavy Metal feels inadequate to express the true horror of this world. Reality is infinitely complex and requires great deals of abstraction to communicate

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For the YouTube fiends out there, you know that stagnation has become as synonymous with the platform as Google and Clickbait. In the wake of what’s known as the recent “adpocalypse” (aka the demonetization of any content that isn’t PG), professional content creators are disillusioned with investing their time in

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The third and probably the last list of films coming from Openculture that I’m gonna do. I hope you checked the list yourself by now, you can also go back to the two previous lists here and here. At this point, there is really no need for an introduction, but

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When it comes to engraving, few people dispute the supremacy of Gustave Doré, but amongst those famous artists that performed this particular form of art, you can find other great names like William Blake, Francisco Goya, Giulio Campagnola and the one we’ll talk about today: Albrecht Dürer. This German engraver

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“[How] strangely they have decreased by the Hand of God… and it hath generally been observed that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them.” – Daniel Denton, early American colonist The popular Pilgrim myth involves a persecuted group of Christian reformers who fled England

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