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supremely pissed OFF! Experience the Blistering Hardcore of EXTINGUISH

Hell Yes! The new self-titled 7 inch from EXTINGUISH is the MFing BOMB! This creates the kind of angry Hardcore that gets me HYPED. On the real, if this band ever comes to Vancouver our whole family will be in the pit. I’m talking about our 7-year-old daughter with her boxing gloves going for hers alongside her moms and 10-year-old sister (and I’ll be there as well). EXTINGUISH’s music is ultra-HEAVY and seething with RAGE that you can’t ignore. Don’t even get me started on their sick fucking breakdowns! Hold up, wait a minute – we’ve got to salute Creator-Destructor Records for releasing this record on April 23rd – order the 7 inch HERE!

will see release on 7” vinyl –100 on white and 150 on clear with splatter – and all digital provders via Creator-Destructor Records on April 23rd. 
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