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Experience ‘Straight Not Giving A Fuck,’ a Gnarly Hardcore LP by HUMAN GARBAGE

Straight Not Giving A Fuck I is why I call out Racism in the Metal and Punk scene even if it’s not the cool thing to do! Straight Not Giving A Fuck is the reason I refuse to be silent when others won’t stand on business! Straight Not Giving A Fuck is one of the Gnarliest Hardcore albums of 2023, and it was created by HUMAN GARBAGE out now on CRIMINALIZED and Creator-Destructor Records. This band came together like Voltron, manifesting a record that sounds like the underbelly of SoCal — this band represents the REAL to the fullest! A song like “PC Punks Fuck Off” is a straight sonic weapon aimed at all of the weak heart Punks that don’t stand for shit and instead talk shit from their Palisades homes.

You’ve grown up a trust fund kid,
and you think we’re the same
Access and opportunity handed to you
While I’m left to rot in violence & abuse
Yuppies & pc punks, you’re all the same

Human Garbage “PC Punks Fuck Off”

HUMAN GARBAGE speaks for the SoCal Hardcore kids from the struggle, and they don’t sugarcoat anything! They write incredible songs that jump out of the speakers and the energy is beyond intense. Straight Not Giving A Fuck is full of some sick breakdowns that keep me coming back for more. While listening to Straight Not Giving A Fuck, I feel like I’m blasting a brutal Power Violence LP, and at the drop of a dime, they sound like a Mammoth Beat Down Hardcore band. Their songs roll over your eardrums while injecting your soul with their pain. Damn, the samples y’all will hear on this album are spot on! I was Born X Raised in California, so when I bump “C.A. FIRST!” it hits a different. Big tunes like “Earn Your Respect” only make me respect this band more, and also remind me that I won’t give respect to anyone who has not earned it. HUMAN GARBAGE reminds me that we are not victims and we will not be victimized. Their songs uplift in their own way and this record speaks to the human condition we all deal with. This band is giving game to those who want to listen.

Real talk, this album is a part of my healing process after last week dealing with some nazi business and white supremacy shit that was co-signed by some pc punks. What I love about Hardcore is that it is not a safe space for racism the way some scenes are. If you do come to a hardcore show on some racist shit, you will catch a well-deserved beatdown. Yo HUMAN GARBAGE — thanks for taking out the garbage and creating an outstanding album that stands on business!

Once an enemy, you’re never a friend
Ain’t no friend of mine

Human Garbage “Ain’t No Friend of Mine”

My final words about Straight Not Giving A Fuck: I love L.A!

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