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The Revolution Won’t be Televised, it Will Be in a Hardcore PIT! CLIQUE ‘A Worldwide Clique’ Is FIRE

Put the Pigs on the Run Put the Pigs on the Run Put the Pigs on the Run these words rang so true and set the foundation of the new CLIQUE EP A Worldwide Clique out now on CRIMINALIZED. Damn this Socal Hardcore band fucking kicks ass and does it while representing for Black-Brown Unity. The biggest gangs in LA are the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Dept, and they have been raging war on our communities for decades. CLIQUE’s music expresses the rage that we have all felt while living in the police state that is SoCal. Don’t get it twisted, there is an energy of togetherness that comes through in every song on A Worldwide Clique.

The title track is a mean, lean Hardcore Stomping machine with UNREAL breakdowns. Next up is “By Birth and Being,” which is a straight anthem that has this metallic or almost industrial vibe to it. CLIQUE is using its art form as looking glass to show the world how they feel about their surroundings and beyond. While blasting A Worldwide Clique, I can’t help but think about the LOVE and UNITY that have existed between our communities throughout history. From many slaves traveling to Mexico seeking freedom or how freedmen joined with their Mexican comrades against Europeans that wanted to downpress them both. What has the CLIQUE created? They have created one of my FAVORITE Hardcore EPs of 2023 and beyond. Like I told them, the next time they play Vancouver, the whole CVLT Nation crew is going to be their representing in full effect.





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