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Stomp To The Street Punk Of VAXINE’s ‘Frontal Lobotomy’

Time to throw on your studded leather jacket and get those liberty spikes sorted, the new VAXINE record Frontal Lobotomy dropped and it’s killer! Thirteen tracks of no nonsense UK82 via Brooklyn, pulling from the tried and true well of influences like GBH, PARTISANS, and CHAOS UK. There’s a reason this style of punk has been done time and time again; when it’s done right, it’s just as powerful and relevant as ever. With absolutely no fat to be found, VAXINE keeps it as tight as a drum (the drumming here is TIGHT) and blast through each track with authenticity and power. Checkout the hard driving guitar and bass intermingling on “Psychotic Nightmares,” the tough as hell and relatable lyrics on “Social Outcast,” and the demonic echoing vocals on “Demon Within.” There’s even a (probably intentional?) callback to the RAMONES on title track “Frontal Lobotomy,” a classic two minute rager that stands toe to toe with some of the genre’s best. It’s a great time to be into punk thanks to bands like VAXINE keeping the spirit of ’82 alive! Checkout Frontal Lobotomy, out now on Discos Enfermos and Toxic State!

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