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80s Hardcore

Witness the bloody-minded electronic assault of $hit & $hine’s “Devil’s Backbone”

WTF! $hit & $hine’s new album Malibu Liquor Store is an audio mind freak that can’t be fucked with! From what I can hear, this band follows NO RULES! This project sounds like Devo on acid playing a song on repeat in MC5’s brain. $hit & $hine is the kind of project that makes me happy to be doing CVLT Nation because it shows me how sonically free we are! I need to borrow your eyes for 2:20 minutes so that you can witness their new video for the song “Devil’s Backbone.” Make sure to get your pre-order of Malibu Liquor Store on right here via the always on point Rocket Recordings – the release date is October 9th.

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