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SET IT OFF! Experience This Masterpiece of Blistering Hardcore Punk by KLONNS “Crow”

WTF!!! WTF!!! WTF!!! Unholy Attack Mode Killing Everything around them! KLONNS are on some next-level Unhinged Extreme Uncut FURY! Damn, I can’t stop blasting their new CROW 7 inch that comes out on March 25TH via Black Hole & Iron Lung Records! I have been a huge supporter since I first heard them, and I’ve got to say that with each release they become more brutal. Their kind of Hardcore is way beyond special! The vocals are scathing as FUCK and the music is nitro-charged. KLONNS songs have these really awesome layers to them that will keep your ears on edge. To say that I’m stoked to be sharing with y’all their new record Crow with y’all in full would be untrue! I am ultra excited and honored to be able to share this masterpiece of blistering Hardcore Punk with y’all! When y’all experience the sinister breakdowns of “Ghoul” tell me that this band is fucking AWESOME!

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