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“The New Wave of Japanese Hardcore” in Full Effect: KLONNS ‘Heaven’ Full Stream + More

On April 23rd, 2020, I wrote about an insanely Sick Japanese Hardcore Punk named KLONNS. Now, almost exactly four years later, I get the chance to write about their off-the-hook album Heaven which comes out on April 26th via Iron Lung Records and Black Hole Records (Japan). I knew from the very first moment I heard this band that they created their music from a place that many never reach! Their songs are thick, powerful bursts of Hardcore Punk that will have you saying WTF WTF WTF on repeat — they are that gnarly. Beware, the breakdowns you will encounter on Heaven are straight unhinged pits of all-out feral fury! I dare you to blast their tunes “Realm” and Another” and then tell me that this band does not slap hard AF! I love their electronic Intros and Outros — they add the right amount of audio flavor!

KLONNS are masters at injecting their caustic anthems with what I like to call Sonic Voodoo Madness. This means, in laymen terms, their songs always pack a healthy punch of wild morbid melody that will keep you dancing and head banging at the same time. I can say with certainty that KLONNS Heaven will end up on our EOTY Hardcore Punk list. There is not one weak moment on this album, and I must say that it has been worth the wait. I’m waving the flag of the “NEW WAVE OF JAPANESE HARDCORE” Higher than High! I want to say thank you to the band for manifesting such an outstanding record from beginning to end! I also want to shout out Iron Lung Records and Black Hole Records for keeping the underground AWESOME!

Photo by Chihiro Yoshikawa


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Sentient 51423

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