Sacred Leather Worship at the Altar of Heavy Metal!

There was a point in time in the nineties when, with all the Death and Black Metal happening, Metal seemed to forget about its roots. As we have progressed forward through the post-genre 21st century, many extreme Metal musicians have rediscovered their dusty tape collections and forged new ties with Traditional Metal. Such is the case with the mighty Sacred Leather.

Featuring former members of such punishing outfits as Skeletonwitch and Coffinworm, these heathens have at least temporarily set aside more brutal concerns and have focused on the kind of material that began their journey. Today we are premiering their latest track, “Wheels at Dusk”, a mighty ode to staying up late on Saturday nights in the Eighties and watching the O.G. Headbanger’s Ball. The track seamlessly melds a number of influences, from NWOBHM gods like Tygers of Pan Tang, to W.A.S.P. and their mysticism of the motorcycle (see “Restless Gypsy”) or maybe imagine Merciful Fate trying to cover “Point of Entry”-era Priest. The atmosphere is thick on this one, like Vaporwave for true metalheads. But make no mistake, this is full of powerful vocals, shredding guitar and pure attitude.

So without further ado, don your leather jacket and take ride across the landscape of your youth.


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