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Black Metal

Raw Black Metal for a dying spirit: Listen to TREST “Ordalium”

Have you heard the depraved Black Metal of TREST? Today CVLT Nation is beyond proud to present to you their new record Ordalium in full. TREST’s new offering of sonic death is coming out on July 3rd via Caligari Records. This record is a collection of songs that will be with you for decades to come. This is dark music that will uplift your dying spirit! Pre-order TREST’s Ordalium HERE!


Originally, the actual record was the pyre version, very raw, noisy and I liked that you could discover the melodies once you get over the low-fi sound and decide to listen instead of turning it off. However, the next day I recorded the guitars again with a different sound as I liked the idea of having two different approaches to one record and then I preferred some songs with a more distinguished sound, so instead of deciding for one I thought there should be one raw BM and one less low-fi BM recording of the same EP. The actual difference is the re-recording of the guitars and mixing the rest differently. Conceptually, the raw version is kind of reflecting the fire cracking of the pyre while people burnt to death – rough, hurting, painful. The ordeal version is more “merciful” to the listener. 

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Sentient 51423

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