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Black Metal

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The Black Scorpio Underground “She Who Cannot Be Saved”

Do you know what pure insanity sounds like? Do you know what pure sonic warfare sounds like? THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND creates the kind of music that can answer those questions! Their new album Necrochasm is a HUGE portal of Black Death Industrial noise that will melt all of your brain cells! On October 28th, 2016 their new record will come out via Husk and Prison Tatt Records. Today CVLT Nation is sharing with you THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND song “She Who Cannot Be Saved” below – now destroy everything around you!

“She who cannot be saved” is a suffocating monolith of  blackened death industrial. An occult ridden aural deathscape recorded in an abandoned mental institution in Downey, CA. We had some strange occurrences during and after the recording including vocalizations that appeared after we went to mix the track.” – The Black Scorpio Underground







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Sentient 51423

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