Album Review: Intolerant – Snow Stained With The Blood Of Traitors

Anytime you hear the cymbal crashes more than the tremolo riffs, you know you’re headed Al Necro’s way. I had to listen to this Intolerant album on headset because I couldn’t hear the jizz that was coming out of my speakers. I’ll come out and say that this album got a warm welcome after listening to some more polished material lately. Credit that to Prison Tatt Records, folks. Check out their stuff if you have a minute. They also have merch available, mostly on cassette, so don’t even touch that mouse if you have Snow Stained By the Blood of Traitors in your cassette deck, meatheads. Listen to the revolution!

CVLT Nation is the source for all things lo-fi and gimmick-free, so get this newsflash and flush it down your trendy-friends’ throats when you get a chance. Intolerant’s Snow Stained By The Blood Of Traitors is as kvlt as kvlt can be, blacker than anything you have on your post-end of year shopping list.

The guitars sound like live wires are being used to pick the strings, and the crashing cymbals sound like icicles raining down on your windshield as you drive through a snowstorm. This is indie spirit right here. I assume Intolerant’s a one-man band based on the cover, but I could be wrong. There’s some nuance to the songwriting, blasts slowing down on track four, “Banners of Victory,” for some mid-tempo jamming that gets the sets in the air.

Snow scan

If you expect to hear the drums, don’t be baffled as to why you hear cymbals. It’s a riot; it’s true, and not what I describe as necro for necro’s sake. You hear some snare drum pounding, and the guitars are like sandpaper scrubbing steel, so for you cvlt vanguards, here’s to you!

Don’t freak out if you hear keyboards, boys and girls. It’s not a Kitaro concert. The keyboards have a charm here, adding some much-appreciated atmosphere. The keyboards merge with the guitar riffs throughout the album, adding a majestic element to the music. Spoken word passages make their way into some songs, sounding like hypnosis.

It’s a healthy dose of underground resistance you’re getting on this here release, with track titles like “Resistance to Modern Way” and “Vanguard.” I assume you Darwinists appreciate some of this animosity towards modernism. If not, gtfo! Killer Be Killed fans are not welcome to the party!

If you like raw black metal with some keyboards mixed in, don’t miss out on this. Al Necro is rocking cassettes for a few reviews, so stay tuned if you love this cvlt madness!


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