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Portraits Of The UK’s 80s Skins & Punks United Captured By Gavin Watson & Others

Is there life after youth? I don’t think you die when you age into adulthood, but you have to hold on to your youth! I get to express my youth every day I’m a part of CVLT Nation. I also get to look back at how subcultures of all types shaped my youth and guided me into adulthood. I have always been fascinated with British youth culture and its impact on the world. I feel so blessed that in the 80’s I got to hear and see bands from the UK do their thing in real time. I have said many times that back then being a photographer wasn’t easy because of all of the equipment it took to take a photo or develop it. I can’t front—there are so many photographers from this era that I really dig today. I want y’all to check out these rad photos, most of them were taken by Gavin Watson—you can pick up his books here!

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